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Our Hope is in Christ

The assassination of President Moïse will bring more chaos in the days ahead.  These have been some very difficult days in Haiti.  The political unrest continues to escalate, with trouble coming from every direction it seems.  Kidnappings and senseless violence are on the rise and continue to plague the people.  Add to that the threat of COVID spreading in this island nation, and it can feel overwhelming.  It’s easy to lose hope, if our hope is in anything but Christ.  When we feel lost, we turn to the Way.  When it seems impossible to find answers, we turn to the Truth; and when we don’t understand the senseless loss of life, we turn to the One who says he is the Life (John 14:6).

With our hope firmly rooted in the source of all hope, we have made great progress in Haiti in spite of the challenges.  In the past eleven years, we have gone from one K-5 school that was in desperate need of repair, to that school now being K-13.  Eight classrooms have been built, as well as two offices, a kitchen, bathrooms, and covered walkways.  This past school year, we had over 500 students, each receiving a free meal every day!  I look back and smile as I think of all the churches and individuals that made this happen.  Pastor Ricky Powell of Ft. Caroline Baptist carrying buckets of cement as we poured the slab for the new classrooms, and Pastor Chris Price of Chet’s Creek Church nailing up facia board on the new walkway – so many giving hearts and willing hands!

We started a small church, then a K-6 school in the remote mountain village of Te Nwa.  They both grew, and more people got involved.  We needed a school building, and Mike Smyth and Joe Nicholson from Mt Hermon Baptist raised money to build it.  We needed a new church building; and Pastor Sam Neely, John Turner and others made it happen.  We had over 250 students this year!  I like to call it the “Miracle on the Mountain”!

Both schools have adult literacy programs that continue to grow, born out of the fact that some of our employees couldn’t sign their names.  The Children’s Home is another miracle.  So many blessed lives, rescued children, and jobs that have changed the face of the community!  Our main church is another source of hope.  The gospel is shared in word and deed.  We have a food pantry and a clothes closet for those in need.  

Please keep Haiti, and the little oasis that is Cabaret Haiti Mission in your prayers.  We will never lose hope!

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