Update On the Situation in Haiti

I wanted to update you all on the situation in Haiti concerning the Covid-19 pandemic. Initially, the overall belief was that it would not reach Haiti, but the first two cases soon followed. Much like the U.S., panic alongside total dismissal, followed. We, at CHM, began taking precautions as soon as we heard about it. There was still hand sanitizer in the market where we shop – and yes, even toilet paper! I bought as much hand sanitizer, bleach, and soap as we could afford, along with 5-gallon...

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It is amazing to me how often you come across something new in the Bible. There is always a new way of looking at a passage, a new truth waiting to be revealed. I have been going through Ephesians with the kids and morning staff, and I came across Ephesians 4:17. Paul is writing to a group of gentile (non-Jewish) believers. He tells them to no longer live like gentiles. But wait, they are gentiles. That’s like telling me to no longer live like an American. Isn’t that exactly the point, though?...

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Snider’s Update

Dear friends and supporters of Cabaret Haiti Mission: I, Mike, first visited Haiti in 2007 with my home church, Mandarin Baptist Church. I was immediately drawn to the work and ministry of CHM. I had previously studied mission work at Liberty University and felt as though I could make a difference. In August 2009, God called Bonnie and I to move to Haiti to be the full-time onsite directors. After meeting with the Board of Directors in October 2009, the call was confirmed. We took a year to...

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