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First Annual “Mama Bonnie Valentine Mission Offering”

We are excited to announce the First Annual “Mama Bonnie Valentine Mission Offering.” What better way to recognize the often unnoticed, daily tasks of love that Bonnie showered on her Cabaret children? Because of the special love held for Mama Bonnie and her life and legacy, a $50,000 matching gift is pledged to match your gift dollar for dollar.

All of us can join together in honoring Bonnie’s life and extending her legacy by reaching the goal of $100,000 to continue to help Bonnie’s Haiti kids in this first year of this annual offering.

Would you join hands with us today in honoring this sacrificing and loving lady by giving a gift showing your love for Mama Bonnie and extending her legacy on into the future? 

Click HERE to make a donation, or simply text “BONNIE” to 904-478-8588!

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