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Snider’s Update

Dear friends and supporters of Cabaret Haiti Mission: I, Mike, first visited Haiti in 2007 with my home church, Mandarin Baptist Church. I was immediately drawn to the work and ministry of CHM. I had previously studied mission work at Liberty University and felt as though I could make a difference. In August 2009, God called Bonnie and I to move to Haiti to be the full-time onsite directors. After meeting with the Board of Directors in October 2009, the call was confirmed. We took a year to close our business, tie up loose ends, and then we moved to Haiti in August 2010. I felt from the beginning that our job was to work ourselves out of a job. Therefore, we began developing leaders who could run the day-to-day operations of the orphanage, two schools, and two churches. This all came together in very unexpected ways, as many of our current leaders grew up in the mission over the past ten years. Over these past years, the need for a person in the States to be the “face” of the mission became more apparent. An Executive Director, based in the States, who would ensure that the mission was well-funded and represent CHM to our sponsoring churches, as well as seek new partnerships. In April of 2019, I offered to the Board of Directors that I could be the candidate to fill this position. Over the next few months, discussions and meetings were held to determine the feasibility and logistics of this move. In November 2019, it was decided that we would return to the States in August of 2020; and I would assume the role of Executive Director of Cabaret Haiti Mission. We are so looking forward to meeting face-to-face with all of you as we start this new chapter of our lives. We will be preparing and meeting with teams prior to their travels to Haiti, traveling with them, and meeting with them again after their return to the States as they process all that they experienced in this beautiful place. Please be in prayer for Bonnie and me as we make this move. Haiti has become our home over these past ten years. We are slowly preparing our precious children and staff here for the change, knowing that we will still see them often and will be praying for them continually.   God bless you all, Mike and Bonnie Snider

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