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Finally Some Good News!

It has been a long time since there has been any good news out of Haiti!

Even though for sure good things continue to happen, the news for the most part has been horrific.

There have been estimates of over 500,000 people being displaced, mostly from Port au Prince. Imagine that many people leaving your city. That many people leaving their homes just to try and feel safe.

The struggle continues; but the newly appointed Prime Minister, Garry Conille, has declared war on the gangs that have been wreaking havoc in Haiti for months now, and it’s working! Some of the gangs are surrendering.

On top of the success of the National Police (PNH), the multinational forces, led by Kenya, began arriving today after months of delays. They bring resources and equipment to help the PNH intensify the fight to bring peace to the nation.

When peace is established, elections can be held.

The population is being warned to stock up on supplies as the next few weeks could be difficult, but progress is being made.

Our children are finishing up the extended school year, and 9th and 13th grades are preparing to take the National Exams.

This semblance of normalcy is such a welcome relief, and we are grateful to God for bringing our folks safely through many dark days.

The sunshine of Hope is beginning to shine through!

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