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Children are the heart and soul of what we do

700 miles off the coast of Florida is a place of beauty and a place of hope. A place where children learn and grow and where families beat the odds stacked against them. A place of hard work and full bellies. Of learning, love, and joy.

We believe that God has called CHM to be a lighthouse in the Cabaret region of Haiti. We are two churches shining bright, echoing God’s love to far and near. We are two schools, strengthening minds and shaping mighty futures. We are a children’s home , a refuge, where love makes a family.

We are Cabaret Haiti Mission.

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    Update On the Situation in Haiti

    I wanted to update you all on the situation in Haiti concerning the Covid-19 pandemic. Initially, the overall belief was that it would not reach Haiti, but the first two cases soon followed. Much like the U.S., panic alongside total dismissal, fol…

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